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Bike Giveaway Winner Announced!

Mar 9, 2013

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dasani bike giveaway

Well cupcakes, we have a winner!! The winner was selected randomly from YouTube and post comments.

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 12.02.59 PM

11 is Sarah Wojnicki!! Congratulations! Look out for an email from me soon to claim your prize!

Thank you all for entering and check back for more awesome giveaways!

The Mask That I Definitely Didn’t Try To Eat

Mar 4, 2013

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I’m not crazy, but I’ll admit that I’m definitely a bit of a nut sometimes. You know when you have a beauty product that just smells so good so you give it a little taste? No? Okay, well then I definitely didn’t do that with LUSH’s Oatifix Fresh Face Mask. Nope, totally didn’t try to eat it.


Don’t judge me.
lush cosmetics oatifix fresh face mask open Fresh Face Masks are meant for almost immediate use, but you can pop them in the fridge until they expire. Nothing feels better than an ice-cold face mask. Except sex. Maybe that feels better. What do I know?

Oatifix is made with bananas, oats, vanilla, and almonds. It smells like what I imagine Jack Johnson was singing about in Banana Pancakes, which I’ve never had but that’s how I feel about it.

lush cosmetics oatifix fresh face mask I normally go for masks that suck all the gross stuff out of my skin, but it’s winter and I feel like I’m living on a glacier with how dry my face has been. I needed something to add moisture and reduce redness. Oatifix did the trick! I’ve used it almost every day for a week, and it’s definitely helping my face stay nice and hydrated.

Wishbone, Not The Dog

Mar 2, 2013

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 When it comes to jewelry, I love small pieces over chunky ones. I’m dainty, I can’t wear big pieces! I also like to layer and stack my jewelry and don’t like to feel weighed down.

I had the opportunity to pair up with Samantha Faye, who designs beautifully delicate gems. She has everything from little giraffe charms to wishbones, which I was delighted to get!

samantha faye wishbone necklace 2 How cute is this lil guy?!

layered necklaces Recently, I’ve been all about gold. I rarely wear silver anymore because I feel that gold is just more me. But I love mixing metals and doing whatever I want, so Samantha Faye’s silver wishbone makes a perfect layering piece for me. I love the way it looks when paired with other delicate chains!

samantha faye wishbone necklace Want to know something really cool? The chains are adjustable! You can make your necklace 16 or 18 inches depending on what you feel like wearing. That’s a super neat feature that you won’t find anywhere else.

I’ve worn this necklace everyday for months, and it’s become a staple in my jewelry collection. If you’re looking for light and whimsical pieces, Samantha Faye is totally for you.

And I’ve got a special offer just for you!

As one of my amazing readers, you get FREE SHIPPING with the code “roll tide” so go get yourself some jewels!

This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by Samantha Faye. Financial compensation was not received for this post. All opinions expressed here are my own.

Friday Favorites

Mar 1, 2013

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 This has been a pretty exhausting week. I’m so excited for a weekend of doing absolutely nothing. I feel like I’ve been going non-stop for the past two months, and it’s starting to catch up to me. I need to relax. And drink some wine.

Happy weekend!!

central park blizzard Untouched snow from Nemo. That rhymes!

central park blizzard 2 Central Park.

ben and jerrys tweet When this happened.

puppy This painfully adorable puppy.

And don’t forget to enter my Dasani Bike Giveaway!!

Super Awesome Giveaway Time!

Feb 28, 2013

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I like to think I’m a generous person, but anyone who has tried to share dessert with me knows that’s not totally true. However, being that I love you all soooo much (seriously, I do), I like to do awesome stuff for you every now and then. Okay, I like to do awesome stuff for you all the time!

Coca-Cola got in touch with me about their Dasani Drops and set up an incredible opportunity, so obviously I said yes!

First of all, these drops are effing delicious. As someone who pretty much only drinks coffee and alcohol, the fact that these drops have me drinking several liters of water a day is a huge feat.

And second, Coca-Cola is providing basically the best video ever but you need to watch below to find out the deets!

dasani drops I mean look at how cute they are! Pineapple Coconut tastes just like a pina colada but without the rum, which is nice because rum isn’t acceptable to drink at work.

So watch this video all about Dasani Drops and how great they are and find out info about the giveaway! Share it with your friends. I mean all of your friends, even those people you only consider friends when it’s their birthday on Facebook.


Contest ends Friday, March 8th at 12 pm EST. In the comments below (or on YouTube), tell me your funniest, most embarrassing, or craziest bike story for a chance to win! I’ll announce the winner on Saturday!

You even get to choose which bike you want if you win!

dasani bike giveaway

The prizes for this giveaway were furnished by The Coca-Cola Company, and The Coca-Cola Company provided promotional consideration for my participation in this program; however, caitlincorsetti.com is fully responsible for this giveaway. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of The Coca-Cola Company.

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