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The basics?

I’m a 26-year-old writer living in Atlanta, Georgia with an Australian/German Shepherd mix named Kida. I prefer to live my life in a fun, whimsical way while maintaining a fierceness that sometimes intimidates people. My parents raised me to be a strong, independent woman who doesn’t take shit from anyone, and I intend to live up to that.

I can often be found with a cup of coffee, my nose in a book, and talking about Harry Potter.



In 1990, my very Yankee family migrated South to Atlanta. Both of my parents hail from Long Island, New York. My brother was born in New Jersey. I am—quite literally—the only Southerner in the family, which they like to remind me of often.

“Bless your heart,” is a favorite phrase of mine. Y’all is way more grammatically correct than “yous guys.” I love sweet tea and pecan pie and peaches. I hate the cold and appreciate the Georgia heat more than most. While my accent is pretty neutral, a Southern belle pops out every now and then—especially during football season—and a tough Long Islander makes an appearance depending on my mood and who’s around.

I’m full of juxtaposition being raised by parents from the North in the deep South, as well as being an Irish-Italian American. Yeah. Butter my butt and call me a biscuit.



I’ve always been a storyteller with a grand appreciation for other people’s tales. My love for words started when I was very young. A voracious reader, I couldn’t get my hands on books fast enough and was constantly writing little books in crayons. I also had a knack for embellishment, which is probably why my parents never believed anything I told them. (Sorry, Mom and Dad.)

Somehow, I decided I wanted to be a weatherwoman. Upon realizing I was much better with words than math and science, I switched gears to broadcast journalism. I could do all the storytelling I wanted and be on camera at the same time! But I stopped enjoying it when I realized the news focuses more on people suffering than anything else. It was too much for my lil’ empathetic heart. So I returned to my first true love: writing.

I pulled a Sex and the City, moved to New York City, and became an editor. And then I realized that winter was very real and so was the New York burnout. I left to come home to Atlanta but kept writing and editing. I started working on a book, which has now morphed into a trilogy. But I was exhausted from being a content factory so I quit my job and took some time off. Being able to breathe is important. Don’t forget that.

After months of applying for jobs that didn’t feel right, I landed a gig as a copywriter at Moxie. I’ve never seen Mad Men, but apparently, yes, agency life is just like that only with less smoking. I had no idea I would end up in marketing and advertising, but it’s the best thing that ever happened to me. I get to write every single day for really cool brands and produce things that millions of people see. Can’t really beat that.



“You went to Alabama? But you’re smart.” Yeah. You know, besides being unbelievable at football, the University of Alabama does have a stunning academic program. I’d love for anyone who makes fun of my education to sit through a semester of a 300-level Shakespeare class.

At my alma mater, I double-majored in Broadcast News and English Literature with a minor in Italian. I crossed the stage, Magna Cum Laude, with a 3.88 GPA to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications & Film. And I also experienced two National Championship wins during my attendance, Roll Damn Tide.